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BethYah Ministries

The Most Power Packed Place on the Planet.


BethYah Ministries

The Most Power Packed Place on the Planet.

Shalom and Welcome, To the Home of BethYah Ministries and BethYah Community. We pray that your time on our site is a time of Learning and growth as we endeavor to grow in the emet (truth) of who Yahuwah is and that we may be pleasing in his sight.

If there is something that you see and do not fully understand please feel free to contact us so that we can answer any questions that you may have. It is our prayer that Yah Barack You.

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Our Mission is to To be a light to the other nations and Share Yah with the World that they may come to know the Truth of who Yah is that we as a people may know the truth and repent and return to our Creator.


Here you will FInd our blogs on different topics and Teachings.


Shalom and Welcome to BethYah Ministries

Call in live 1 218 548-3473 Pass code 4711# Sabbath Day 12 noon EST.

All times are Eastern Standard Time and According to the Lunar Solar Shabbat on Yah's True Calendar.

Please Join Us online Come see What Yahweh has done.
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Last Week's Shabbat Teaching


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  • When Is Yah's Shabbat
    Posted by : Moreh MattithYah

    Yah's True Shabbat is not Sat/urns day but that of the Oth of the lights in the sky which he ordained Ok we are going to start at the beginning because there is no other place that we can start but there.

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  • Stop
    Posted by : Moreh MattithYah

    Stop If we as a people are ever going to get ahead this is what we need to do first. Stop! Shalom Ok if you really want to do this then here we go. Morbi imperdiet ipsum sit amet dui pharetra, vulputate porta neque tristique. Quisque id turpis tristique, venenatis erat sit amet, venenatis turpis. Ut tellus ipsum, posuere bibendum [...]

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  • When did The become a Name
    Posted by : Moreh MattithYah

    Since when did The become a Name? As I was Praying Yah asked me a question and I would like to share it with you. Since when did The become a name? [...]

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  • A Nation to be Thankful for
    Posted by : Moreh MattithYah

    A NATION TO BE THANKFUL FOR What is there to be thankful for? A Nation celebrating the slaughtering of many natives and calling it a day of Thanks giving. [...]


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"Obedience is Better than Sacrifice' For if we Just Obey from the Beginning we would not have to make sacrifice for sin but a Sacrifice of Praise to the one who is worthy".

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