BethYah Community

BethYah Community is a Part of BethYah Ministries. The Two are joined as a Religious Community living and serving the people of Yah.

We are the Indigneous people of the book know as the Scriptures serving the Creator of All.

Our Services

We are the Public Face for the Private Trusts listed below

We are the Attorney in Fact for The Achukma Nakni Chihowa Tribal Trust, BethYah Ministries and BethYah Community Trust.

The services we offer are;

We are the holder of several Trademarks and Commonlaw Copyrights.

• Banking and Financial Services,

• Asset Protection (Protection of Life, Liberty, Finance, Property of Ministry and Trust)

• Legal Services

All for BethYah Ministries and BethYah Community Trust.

We Manage the Day to day Business of our Private Trust

Managing The Properties of the Trust from Sea to Sea and Shore to Shore and Nation to Nation.